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Pear and Apple, by Ryan Ray

Wichita Mountains Wildife Refuge
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Wildlife, Weather and Climbing Cautions

In order to insure that your visit to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is both safe and enjoyable, there are a number of important things to remember.

• Buffalo, longhorn and other big game animals freely roam the Public Use area, and should be considered extremely dangerous. Visitors are advised to keep safe distances from these animals at all times.

• Rattlesnakes are abundant and active on the Refuge, and they are very poisonous. Visitors are advised to pay close attention when traveling on foot, especially in the backcountry areas of the Refuge.

• Thunderstorms containing heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning can develop quickly and without warning. Visitors are advised to be aware of changing weather conditions during any trip to the Refuge. Always carry foul-weather gear, and be prepared to seek shelter.

• Seasonal temperatures at the Refuge can vary from well-below freezing in the winter to more than 100 degrees in the summer. Visitors are advised to wear the necessary protective clothing, as dictated by the weather, and to always carry an adequate supply of drinking water.

• Solo traveling in the backcountry areas of the Refuge, even for the experienced adventurer, has numerous risks and dangers. Visitors are advised to leave notice with a friend, at your vehicle, or at Refuge Headquarters of your intended destination and length of stay before venturing out on your own.



Dedicated to protecting the climbing resources and natural environment of the Wichita Mountains